About Us


My name is Micheal Dredhart, the owner of M.D. Renovations. We do All renovations, interior and exterior, from bathrooms to basements. We are also broadening our work to cottages and homes by the lake. I can be reached at 705-465-3855 or by e-mail at info.mdrenovations@gmail.com

In the past 10 years I have gained much knowledge and experience in the construction and building industries. I took the time to get my college diploma for Construction Engineer/ Building Management course. I did this to gain the knowledge required to stay on top of the new building codes and new technologies available to me, and to pass this knowlwdge on to you the home owner.


M.D. Renovations knows that it is very important for a contractor to be true to their word, and obtain a comfortable relationship with all customers. I ensure that ALL jobs are done to the best of my abilities and nothing is over-looked. I take great pride in my work and I am only satisfied when YOU, the customer are satisfied. The reason I started this business is to ensure that home-owners who need improvements in their homes are able to rely on a contractor to get in, get out, and have the job done clean and professional.



New ideas and methods are used in order to improve the quality of life in your home, cottage or business. M.D. Renovations is determined to make YOU a satisfied customer.